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  1. I've been looking forward to today for the last several days. Today I went back into the gym with the knowledge that I would be trying some new exercises to target areas I either hadn't been working on yet or had not been worked in this particular manner. The cardio is going to stay pretty much the same. It's the strength training that's about to switch up a little.

    I ultimately didn't get in the full workout I usually do. Most of today's session was spent discussing some newer options with L.L. Bean fitness room staffer Eric. I can't really say that I did whole sets of these new exercises as I was just getting acquainted with the movements but will bang it out starting on Wednesday with full sets of the following.

    Row/Delts will remain a part of this routine.
    Chest Press has been phased out and replaced with push-ups utilizing a work out ball.
    Lat pull downs will continue as well.
    Bicep curls/shoulder press are still in also but will be done on the ball.
    Lunges (my arch nemesis)
    Crunches with a fitness ball are great. I think I'm gonna like this one.
    I'll be doing squats with a trunk twist referred to here as Axechops.
    Strength training ends with Supermans for the lower back and glutes.

    I'll be going through this whole list more thoroughly on Wednesday. For today I did simply 10 reps of each of these to get to know the movements. Just before the strength training I did 20 minutes of nordic walking, and following the strength training hit the elliptical for 30 minutes on weight loss level 7. Total cals burned throughout were 922 with 55% of those from fat. Average heart rate was 133 bpm. Maximum heart rate was not recorded due to a minor glitch with the recording data but I'm quite sure it was in the neighborhood of the mid 160s.

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