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  1. I finally feel like one of the elite. Well maybe it's a little early to be saying that, but I can say that I got my lazy bum outta bed this morning at 4:30 a.m. in order to go *gasp* JOGGING. Like so many others I've seen out on early, misty mornings I was looking for a quick morning burn today.

    I got up, got dressed, did some stretches, plugged some Lyrics Born into my ear buds, and got started @ 4:54 a.m. It really is very peaceful this time of day. Old Orchard Beach is pretty maddening midday on a summer weekend, but I rarely ever see anyone out and about down here before 7:30, and those are the early ones. I suppose everyone must be hung over from the booze that seems to float on the air down here, and Pier fries.

    I charted a fairly modest route to get started. I understand now why those who are seriously into running need to get in at least five miles as less than that really doesn't feel like much. A drop in the bucket. For them, not me. I can't say as I jogged the whole way, but most certainly more than my previous attempt.

    I plotted this route through, a service that I discovered last night. I'm really quite impressed with their page. You can load your own route for public viewing and see routes that others may have plotted in your area for you to take advantage of. It calculates distances and elevations through maps from Yahoo and also allows you to input points of interest along the route and pictures. Find the route I created and executed this morning here.

    Some Stats : Distance traveled 2.3 miles, total time 40 mins 16 sec, average heart rate 139, maximum heart rate 173, calories burned 369, 50% from fat

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