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  1. GC9DB8 - Norge Troll

    Jun 3, 2008

    This turned into a pretty serious walk for me today. I ended up putting down 5.8 miles and averaged 3.2 mph while moving. I am intending to get a heart rate monitor but I'm pretty sure I kept my bpms up as this was no stroll. I walked from downtown Old Orchard Beach to Atlantic Trail in the Rachel Carlson Wildlife Preserve. No big deal. I had done this walk before when hitting the Goosefare Brook cache in the same area. Today held something different.

    The cache is a multi designed to take you to the farthest reach of the park before given the next set of coordinates. From there you double back a few times, branch off onto other trails, and just explore in general. Pretty stimulating. Thanks to cache owner Doug26 for a well designed multi step geocache.

    My day didn't end there. I still had to get back to my home base in downtown. I love the irony of launching this 'weight loss through caching' blog when a place called Fat Bellies Deli is my home. Anyway, I decided to deviate from my path home and hit the beach. There is probably no better workout than jogging in soft sand. It got me pretty heated. I couldn't keep it up very long but I tried and maybe I can hold out longer next time. It was a good first step regardless. Needless to say I'm a little worn out this evening but feel ultimately very, very satisfied. Good caching!

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    1. Anonymous said...

      It's been many years since I was up that way, but I have fond memories of eating fresh blackberries at the preserve. Yummy! And a beautiful area.

      It's a good walk! Congratulations.