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    Jul 1, 2008

    GCZ4AM - River's Edge
    GC17EP2 - Presumpscot River view from a hill
    GCK60B - Presumpscot River Cache

    Excellent day for a hike today. I fell in love with these trails the first time I came down here. The turbid river is almost the only sound you hear in certain sections of the Presumpscot River Preserve in Portland. I got to further explore some of the trails I hadn't before had the chance to, seeing some great waterfalls in the process. Man, what a great place and I was the only person out there today to enjoy it. I felt like it was there just for me. It's a great feeling.

    River's Edge : I started out with the multi-stage cache that had originally perplexed me so much. I never did actually log a DNF but kept it in the back of my mind that I needed to come back and look again as I was sure it was there. Well, it was, and I just hadn't looked hard enough. Great camo job in a wonderful spot right by the water. In fact I almost fell in the first time I was there.

    From here I headed directly along the river bank to the next spot, GC17EP2 - Presumpscot River view from a hill. I found this section of the trail particularly inspiring as I hadn't been down here before and was getting more and more excited as the sound of the falls grew louder in the distance. This spot is still about a quarter of a mile away from the falls and on a hill overlooking a clearing on the bank. Really cool spot and ultimately an easy find.

    Right on the banks of the falls was where I found the last geocache, Presumpscot River Cache. The thunder of the waterfall was just just what I needed to hear at the end of this outing. I very much appreciate a good hide too, as this one was. I was scrambling over rocks trepidatiously because this type of precariousness usually bugs me out. Those cautious ways are kind of going by the wayside now that I'm caching more. I've got more of a sense of adventure now, and that feels great to me. Better than the couch any day.

    I made my way back up to the parking area by way of a very crooked path which would take me what seemed like completely the wrong way and then righted me again several times. I don't mind though as this only adds a little more distance which is what I was out here for anyway. The whole trek in total was 4 miles averaging 2.9 mph. Average heart rate out on the trails today was 137 bpm, and since the whole park is right on a sizeable hillside, there were some decent pushes that brought a maximum heart rate of 175 bpm. Total calories burned ended up at 1,110! Good push! 50% of those cals were lost in fat cals. So it wasn't just about great views and great trails today, but a great workout as well.

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