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  1. Thanks go out to the caching community in general for their tremendous support as I start my journey. More specifically however I would like to thank the podcasters. It was because of a podcast that I originally became inspired to launch this total lifestyle overhaul. It was mentioned previously here.

    That was episode 60 of Geocaching Podcast. I emailed XpunkX of the show to mention what I was doing and how his show was a big part of that. Shortly thereafter I was listening to Episode 63 on waypoint managers and he and his crew gave a mention to SlimCache. Thanks guys for supporting the project and ultimately my better health.

    Also along the same lines, I contacted Cache-A-Maniacs to see if this would be an interesting story for them. Not knowing just how small a community this was, Darryl of CAM had already heard about the blog and was down to give a mention on his show as well. That can be found on the most recently published episode #80.

    Katadin Goddess and Kacky of The Maine Podcache have been very supportive as well. Kacky mentioned that they would give a mention on the episode being recorded today and we can also look forward to an interview around the end of the summer. That's yet another reason to keep striving. I don't want to disappoint anyone, namely myself, so I've got to have an impressive number at the end of the season. Thanks again to all for their support and please check out the shows listed here that have helped me in my efforts. Live, Breathe, Cache.

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