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  1. 'Round Portland

    Jun 12, 2008

    Today was a little warm and so in order to avoid putting on heavy pants and going into the woods I decided to do a little city caching. Plus it's a chance to get some sun on my pale white legs. I decided to do a run of three caches in downtown Portland. In the process I managed to put down the completely coincidental numbers of 3.6 miles averaging 3.6 mph.

    Today's Caches :
    GC16MPA - PICTURE THIS #7 "Observatory" DNF
    GC1CDN9 - Hey, something fishy is going on here!
    GC1BA3Z - Eastern Promenade

    This was a really nice walk. I wish I had taken more time to appreciate Munjoy Hill before today. It has this unfortunate stigma which is easy to buy into until you spend some time there. I thoroughly enjoyed myself here despite not having found my first cache at the Portland Observatory. Interesting concept to the cache as well. I'm looking forward to going back to log this as it was a clever and challenging cache that I want to have on the books.

    From here I headed down to the waterfront in the Old Port. Since the final coordinates of the cache are revealed by deciphering a puzzle I won't reveal too much about the area. I can say that this took me a little way down Commercial Street before turning around to head back for the next cache.

    This was probably the longest leg of this walk and a gorgeous trail I might not have discovered if it hadn't been for caching. The Eastern Promenade Trail in Portland takes you past marinas, a Civil War era fort in the harbor, and The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad. I got the chance to get up the speed here a little and the blood flowing. After cutting up to the Prom from the trail, the cache wasn't an especially challenging hide but was a great way to round out a good walk.

    I decided to check again at the Observatory. Nope, still not finding it. But despite the DNF I ended my outing feeling great that a decent walk/cache run doesn't have to be in the woods to be rewarding.

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