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  1. GC10F17 - Cape Elizabeth Greenbelt - Great Pond Overlook
    GC10F0Q - Cape Elizabeth Greenbelt - Great Pond Launch
    GC10F1N - Cape Elizabeth Greenbelt - Great Pond Bonus DNF

    Despite not really being the greatest day for caching, I really enjoyed this trail. While the terrain was not especially challenging I still got in a pretty healthful walk today. The new watch is coming in handy as I recorded an average heart rate of 122 bpm and a maximum of 152 bpm. I somehow managed to burn 763 calories without thinking about it and 60% of those were fat cals.

    This walk takes you around the perimeter of Great Pond in Cape Elizabeth which is in the neighborhood of South Portland and Scarborough. Be careful of missteps as a stretch of the path is plank boardwalks through a marsh. These planks are showing their age! Some rot evident so pick your course.

    While these are three individual caches, they essentially make up a sort of multi. Two of the caches contain fragments of the coordinates to the third. I found the first two with very little trouble and assembled the coords to the third. By this point the fog was rolling over the pond and distant thunder and ominous clouds dictated that I would have to get moving. Thus, I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked looking for GC10F1N - Cape Elizabeth Greenbelt - Great Pond Bonus. Once I got home to log my finds for today I found that the most recent visitors to the cache didn't get the find either. Which makes me wonder if it was just me overlooking it or if something is amiss. It's not far from home and I did so enjoy the walk that I will be out there again anyway. Next time I'll do the whole trail.

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