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  1. Today felt like a good day to get back out into the field so I decided to attempt to log a previous DNF. Turns out the coordinates of the original post were far off, by about 80 feet. That'll teach me to check out other users' logs before I head out for the find.

    Even if I had found this cache the first time I was intending to come back out here anyway. What a beautiful place. It's at the site of an historic farm in Freeport. From the Freeport Historical Society :

    "Pettengill Farm, a nineteenth century salt-water farm on the estuary of the Harraseeket River, is owned by Freeport Historical Society. It includes a saltbox house (ca. 1810) on 140 acres of fields, woods, antique apple orchards and salt marsh."

    The distance to the cache from parking says .75 miles, but that's as the crow flies, so I ended up actually putting down 3 miles exactly going to the cache and back with no other deviations from the trail. This took me approximately 1 hour averaging 2.9 mph while moving. I'm enjoying having my fitness watch at my disposal in the field as well as the gym. Average heart rate was
    128 bpm with a max of 152. Kcals burned were 608 with 55% cals burned from fat. I'm realizing that I have to set up two different target zones for recording heart rate data. One for cardio in the gym and another for caching in the field. I will do that for my next cache outing.

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