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    Jun 22, 2008

    GCRCC8 - Canoe Club House and Falls at Stroudwater River
    GC17542 - Historic Stroudwater
    GC16MTE - Winding Way Peninsula
    GC16MRN - Fore River Trail High Ground
    GCKPKH - Marsh Mellow
    GC1CNKP - A Marginal Meander
    GC23D2 - Ferry Beach Cache
    GC14DOD - 88 Piano Keys G#1 (Song of the Sea)

    Heck of a day today! The kids were off with mom to a baby shower so I got to cache the whole day. Met up with Squirrelcache for some early morning finds in South Portland. We did a few park and grabs but the real focus was the caches in Portland Trails' Fore River Sanctuary. This was a pleasant walk with slight grade changes for the beginner and wonderful marshes. I'm sorry I didn't record any information from the GPS or my heart rate monitor here. That would come later when Squirrelcache and I parted ways and I headed out solo.
    I did four more caches outside of the ones he and I did together. For all of those I recorded my heart rate information cumulatively. I burned 955 kcals, 60% cals from fat. My average heart rate was 122 bpm with a maximum of 146. I really wasn't pushing it too hard today and feel like I could have done more, but I was really into focusing on doing several low key, enjoyable walks today rather than one killer one.

    This objective led me to several great places today that I was truly glad I visited. Marsh Mellow had some very nice trails and informational placards with information on the indiginous vegetation. The real treat of the day however was Ferry Beach. I've been meaning to get to this place since I started caching a little over a month ago. A wonderful diversion from the craziness of downtown Old Orchard, the Ferry Beach trails are excellently maintained. There are several different options to plot a course (see trail map below). I would highly recommend this park.

    Or maybe you're looking for one of the quaint, high-brow Maine tourist communities. Marginal Way in Ogunquit was a pleasant stroll that takes you just outside of downtown and out to the rockier side of the beach. I always preferred rocky beaches over sand beaches anyway. I like caches with multiple stages and after having attempted this one and flubbing it due to sloppy note taking, I decided I had to try it again. Success this time, and a pleasant walk along the coast.

    So I guess to sum up, sometimes it's not so much about the destination as it is the journey. It was a wonderful day to get out and go caching. While the focus here is on weight loss, half of that is simply getting up and getting active. Seize the day. Smell the roses a little. Get outside and go cache.

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