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  1. Week 5

    Jun 29, 2008

    3 more pounds down! This is starting to feel really gratifying. I'm getting a good pace going for my fat loss. I'm awaiting the plateau point though. I think I have a pretty level head for what to do when that plateau comes however. I will not get discouraged but rather make changes in order to keep myself motivated and keep my body from getting complacent with the workout schedule.

    The physiological changes are very encouraging too. I recently purchased clothing that was 1 or even 2 sizes lower than what I've been wearing for the last several years. Large men's clothing is pretty limiting. I'm looking forward to being able to wear regular clothes and even somewhat form fitting stuff without getting overly self-conscious about it.

    So there it is. The ever improving truth. I'm doing a solid job! I will soon take another body fat reading in order to compare to the starting point of 34.3%. I'm quite sure my blood pressure is lower as well. I used to get frequent headaches which I would attribute to both higher blood pressure and improper hydration, both of which I have remedied through hard work. I have felt an increase in stamina and just overall well being. I must persist. I feel too good now to go back.

    Here are my results so far :
    Week 1 - 315 lbs.
    Week 2 - 307 lbs.
    Week 3 - 302 lbs.
    Week 4 - 300 lbs.
    Week 5 - 297 lbs.

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