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  1. The geocaching community is one of the best groups of folks I've ever met. When I mentioned this blog and my aspirations to lose weight the cachers in Maine and beyond reached out with the greatest of support.

    I was initially inspired by an episode of Geocaching Podcast in which I heard of another individual who had adopted caching as a weight loss program, dropping him 60 pounds and I'm sure more by now. That cacher is bluedepth and is just one of those positive weight loss stories I've heard, all of which I consider to be inspirational to me in my journey. Dallas of theodellfamily has lost 45 pounds. StClairC's lost 20. Since January, user TotemLake is down 56 pounds. Probably the most impressive is butrflybec who has lost 80 pounds in order to be more fit to cache. Thanks butrfly, your advice has been some of the best yet too. Thank you all, as your personal stories are great motivation and show me that it can be done.

    Extra thanks again to Geocaching Podcast who turned me on to the the idea in the first place. In their most recent show they gave a little plug to SlimCache getting my story out just a little further and providing that much more encouragement. I'm very much looking forward to a talk with The Maine Podcache later this summer too so keep your ears peeled. Thanks again to all.

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