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  1. Most of the time I try to get in a solid hour and a half workout. Unfortunately today my wife had an appointment that required me to get home so she could take the car, thus cutting my workout short. When it came time to go into the gym I was thinking to myself 'What's the point of even going in if I can't get a full round in?'. Of course that's ludicrous, and I realized it shortly after. I would have to go in and hammer out what I could with the short amount of time I had, not take the day off. What I ended up doing was a pretty truncated version of what I have been doing recently.

    My trainer was in the house today so he was helpful in getting me motivated to just get in there. His opinion is that even a half an hour is a positive and so reluctantly I agreed. There was also discussion on getting ready for my race in September and series of lectures and discussions put on by Peak Performance that I would like to attend. They have clinics on topics of nutrition, cycle maintenance, race preparation, and tips from experts on swimming, cycling, running, triathlon, and Nordic skiing. Check the schedule at

    20 mins. Arc Trainer/Elliptical, weight loss program level 8, 119 strides per min.
    15 reps/110 lbs Lat Pull Down
    15 reps Push ups with workout ball
    15 reps/30 lbs Single Arm Row
    15 reps Squats w/ 20 lb weight
    15 reps/20 lbs Bicep Curl/Shoulder Press
    15 reps Supermans
    15 reps Crunches
    15 reps Bicycle Kicks

    Short day indeed but I did get my heart rate up to an average of 136 bpm and a maximum of 158 bpm was reached. I burned 344 kcals in about 40 minutes, 50% of which were from fats. Normally I would like to see more burn than this, but worked with what I had. It beats the alternative of going home and sitting on the couch to accumulate calories anyway.

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