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  1. Week 8

    Jul 20, 2008

    I figured lack of activity due to inflamed feets would lead to a gain. I didn't watch myself on the intake this week either. Too much beer and too many fatty foods. Thankfully, my biggest issue : portion control, seems to continue to be in check. I just can't bring myself to eat as much at once as I used to.

    I've never had a problem liking the right foods. I've been nuts about whole grains like quinoa and barley for years. Spinach and I go way back. I've only recently discovered how much I like fresh fruit. Before 5 days ago I'd never even heard of a pluot. Who would've guessed I would love them.

    So I guess something can be said for eating the better foods and less at a time, because even with less activity this week I lost 1 pound.

    Week 1 - 315 lbs. Week 2 - 307 lbs. Week 3 - 302 lbs.
    Week 4 - 300 lbs. Week 5 - 297 lbs. Week 6 - 294 lbs.
    Week 7 - 292 lbs. Week 8 - 291 lbs.

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