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  1. Back on the Horse

    Jul 25, 2008

    I've been feeling a little lazy lately. Not that I really have been being that lazy really, it's just all this downtime is making me antsy. Running in improper shoes is a highly discouraged practice. Take it from me. I've had to sit out for too long due to this. So now I'm finally posting some activity from the fitness room. This is actually yesterday's workout that I was unable to post last night due to some connection difficulties.

    In speaking with my helpful fitness friend Eric, I've decided to cut back on the fitness room visits slightly. I am committing right now to Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can hold me to that. In fact, please do. Also, lunges haven't really been working out for me. A lifetime of being overweight has left my knees a little angry at me, so in addition to cutting back on gym days, my routine is being changed yet again. Several elements are still the same. Others may be a different activity but still target the same areas. Single arm rows with free weights and bicycle style crunches are now a part of the new regimen. Hopefully I'm finding something that finally works for me with less impact and less feeling of obligation to the fitness room itself.

    Of course on days off from the gym I will either be caching or running (my new found interest). If I was going to pursue running like I wanted to I had to go out and buy some shoes so I could give my bruised heel a break, and do it the right way this time. Today I purchased Saucony's Progrid Omni 6 Ultimate. This is my first foray into real athletic footwear. It was like putting my foot in a dream. Considering how bad my foot has been feeling lately, I really think this could be the solution to my woes. I'll be running again soon, hopefully preparing for a 5k I can tell you all about. More on that later. Now, about yesterday's workout.

    20 mins. Nordic Walking
    15 reps/110 lbs Lat Pull Down
    15 reps Push ups with workout ball
    15 reps/30 lbs Single Arm Row
    15 reps Squats w/ 20 lb weight
    15 reps/20 lbs Bicep Curl/Shoulder Press
    15 reps Supermans
    15 reps Crunches
    15 reps Bicycle Kicks
    20 mins. Treadmill, Incline level 3, 4.8 mph
    Average heart rate : 128 bpm Maximum heart rate : 163
    Percentage of cals burned from fat : 55% Kcals burned : 519
    Slight inaccuracy here as I paused the data recording just after the Nordic walking session and forgot to restart until halfway into strength training.

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