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    Jul 18, 2008

    I was pleased this week to be welcomed into a circle of other individuals on the same mission. is a group of men who are tired of being overweight and have decided to make a change for better health. Like me, they are chronicling their successes and pitfalls on their own blogs. I think joining this group could be extremely beneficial to me.

    The idea is accountability. You will feel more motivated to work towards a goal if you have other people you have to fess up to at the end of the day. It's most of the reason I started my own blog. I find extra motivation in posting my results, with no fudging, for the record. Also, FatBloggers is a safety net. All posters are encouraged to view the other members posts and give feedback. We are all there to root each other on. I can say more often than not, I've needed to be poked with a pointy stick in order to get to the gym, or out for a walk. These guys are here to give that extra kick in the butt.

    So please check out FatBloggers. Be looking for posts coming up from myself, or check out the other guys. It's really raw and honest information and if you're trying to lose it's useful and inspiring. Thank u FatBloggers for inviting me in.

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