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  1. There are many individual types of geocaches and a lot of lingo that surrounds them. I've mentioned the term DNF (Did Not Find) before. There are also other acronyms that swirl about in the caching community. For example : LPC (Lamp Post Cache) and PNG (Park 'N' Grab). PNGs are what I wish to speak about today.

    Park N Grabs are specifically designed to be some of the easiest caches out there. Terrain and difficulty ratings are usually very low, often rated 1 on a scale out of 5. They are planted in road signs, lamp posts (as mentioned above), and guardrails. But what if rather than driving to the cache and walking only five feet to have to log it, you took a different approach, working it into a stimulating fitness activity? I did just that today when I found that there was a micro PNG just a few miles from my home. What the hell, I hadn't gotten any type of workout today yet. Why not run to the cache?

    So today I did a refreshing jaunt of 5.4 miles round trip averaging 4.2 miles per hour. I'm trying to prepare for my 5k coming up in a month and a half so I'm trying to push up my speed to see what I can sustain at length. It's a matter of conditioning and my body is constantly getting more accustomed to the push. Maximum speed was 6.8 miles per hour. Average heart rate was 155 bpm during the run with a maximum heart rate of 172 bpm. Today was a strong cardio day so only 35% of the calories burned today were from fat. I'm not at all disappointed with that as I burned a total of 914 calories in an hour and twenty minutes! Thanks for the park n grab!

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