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  1. HIIT & Me

    Aug 1, 2008

    Good old stamina building, calorie burning, heart pumping action. This is what I'm looking for lately. I've been hearing about interval training a lot so thought I would try to step it up today and execute on a jaunt again around the Back Cove (I love this place).

    I'm following, although not rigorously, the program outlined here by Weight Loss Weapons blog. At several points in my run today I would turn on mad juice for a minute in an effort to spike my heart rate. The first time I did it was for 30 seconds. The three subsequent times after that were for 1 minute each. As time goes on I hope to build more stamina in order to run faster longer. I noticed an improvement to my speed overall and my average has increased. I see this as a great chance to get ready for my race coming up and plan to continue HIIT to work toward the goal of competing in a 5K!

    Average heart rate : 155 bpm Maximum heart rate : 172 bpm
    Percentage of cals burned from fat : 35% Kcals burned : 542

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