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  1. Nutrition Log 7/7/08

    Jul 8, 2008

    This will be the first entry regarding my diet. This is being done in an effort to compare number of calories burned versus intake. I recorded heart rate and calorie information all day yesterday with the heart rate monitor. Seemingly I burned 4,404 calories all day yesterday. At the end of this log I'll total up all calories consumed to compare. Entries will be recorded with the following legend:

    Total Cals/Total Fat(g)/Sodium(mg)/Total Carbs(g)/Protein (g)

    Odwalla Banana Nut Bar 240/6/115/41/4

    1 cup cottage cheese 160/2/920/10/28

    Welch's mixed dried fruit 90/0/50/21/0

    100 calorie packs peanut butter cookies 100/3/160/17/2

    Salad 33/0/54/7/3
    w/ lime basil dressing 13/0/90/6/0

    w/ Morning Star Farm Southwest Veggie Cake 130/3/340/21/6

    Minute Maid Light Lemonade 5/0/50/2/0

    Oscar Meyer Light hot dog 90/7/380/2/5

    EAS AdvantEDGE shake 110/3/260/2/17

    Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (2) 428/0/36/39/0

    Total : 1399/24/2455/168/65

    These totals seem pretty low with the exception of sodium. I could really afford to cut out some of the prepared foods I consume. That would help with sodium significantly. Even though it seems I burned more than 3,000 cals more than I consumed, I don't really feel great about that. I'm quite sure I need to up my caloric intake in order to function more fully and efficiently. More to come on this battle. I need to do some research and reapproach. Thanks all.

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