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  1. The Dumps

    Aug 28, 2008

    Call this a confessional. After reading FatBlogger Powers... ACTIVATE! I realized that I'm not alone in my slump,and felt better momentarily, but inactivity has just got me feeling so damn depressed lately. I'm lethargic and disengaged most days recently. An ear infection slowed me down a few weeks ago, car trouble had me running around (and not in the GOOD way) looking for solutions, and cranky kids have taken their toll as well.

    I guess I needed a moment to step back, evaluate my goals, and devise a plan. Charles' post has forced me to address this and I think I've come up with a valid solution. Every week I will make a list of the fitness efforts to make the following week. A sort of contract, of which there will be a physical copy much like a checklist, and I will tick off my daily accomplishments from the list of "to dos".

    Next week's list looks like this.
    Sunday 8/31: 5K Portland Back Cove
    Monday 9/1: Geocaching + Circuit Training
    Tuesday 9/2: Fitness Room
    Wednesday 9/3: Rest
    Thursday 9/4: Fitness Room
    Friday 9/5: Geocaching + Circuit Training
    Saturday 9/6: 5k Old Orchard Beach

    This is phase 2 of the plan that is to change my life. This has been the most trying time so far, and if I can get through this I'm confident that I can see it through to the end.

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