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  1. I've run more than three miles consecutively before, but wasn't really trying to track my time. I figured since I'm supposed to be getting ready for this race in a few weeks I ought to try to get an idea of what type of times I'm doing.

    This morning I set to doing a 5k. I picked my route on 1.55 miles down and back. I tracked my time on my heart rate monitor and ended up coming in at 37 min 25 sec. That's not too bad. I kind of impressed myself. I can't wait to get some more of this weight off so I can improve upon that.

    My heart rate was pretty high. I averaged 169 and maxed out at 182. Not so sure if that's accurate or not and if it is I really have to get some more conditioning. Kcals burned were 474 and since it was super-cardio, only 25% of those cals were fat.

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