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  1. Week 12

    Aug 17, 2008

    My journaling has really fallen off this week. Not a single entry was posted between weigh-ins. I had a terrible ear infection that took me out for a few days. I've been hitting the amoxicillin pretty hard for the last few so the pain has finally let up. Unfortunately that means there was very little activity on my part this week. I was terribly worried about a gain as I was resting, but felt that since my intake was in check that I would make out relatively unscathed. Perhaps I would only gain 1-2 pounds.

    Worries unfounded! I somehow dropped 2.2 pounds on a down week. This has gotten me energized to get back out and hit much harder next time. My body feels better and ready to handle whatever comes up. I also have to train for this race in a month, so next week it's on!

    Starting weight - 315 lbs.

    Last week - 282.2 lbs.

    This week - 280 lbs.

    Progress since previous weigh in - 2.2 lbs.

    Total weight loss - 35 lbs.

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