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  1. Week 10

    Aug 3, 2008

    What a week it's been. I haven't been able to do much caching, but what little caching I did was satisfying. I'm starting to wonder if this really is a geocaching blog after all. It hasn't been as much a part of my workouts lately as I would like it to be. Think that's just because of time constraints though. Come fall I will be happy to be back out in the field doing what I love, with a little running thrown in for good measure.

    I was a little nervous about this weeks weigh-in. How many times have I said that before anyway? I got a little obsessive earlier this week with checking up on my weight. I know it's not really a healthy habit to get into. I try to stick to only once a week but find myself getting antsy midway through. Earlier this week I was only registering a 1 pound loss. I was really hoping to do more than that. But the week wasn't over yet! I had to wait until today to find that I had actually lost 3.8 pounds!

    With the new scale I've picked up (no more analog dial) I can more accurately track my weight and the display is easier to read leading to less confusion as to what my weight actually is. Body fat can be measured with it too so I'll get that number posted soon in order to compare to my previous posts.

    Week 1 - 315 lbs. Week 2 - 307 lbs. Week 3 - 302 lbs.
    Week 4 - 300 lbs. Week 5 - 297 lbs. Week 6 - 294 lbs.
    Week 7 - 292 lbs. Week 8 - 291 lbs. Week 9 - 287 lbs.
    Week 10 - 283.2 lbs.

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