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  1. GC2A46 - We don't need no education

    Awwwwwwwww yeah. Great day today! While I haven't posted in the last few days I've still been working out in that time. My goal is to have lost a total of 50 pounds by October 12th's weigh in, so it's time to hunker down and do it. I've stepped up the intensity of my gym workouts, planned some longer cache outings, putting in longer distances with my runs, and I Nordic walked in some of my downtime from my other activities. Funny thing is, I'm not feeling especially burnt out from all this. I feel great!

    I knew I would have a few hours today in between me getting out of work and my wife getting out and needing to be picked up, so last night I went online in search of a course for today's run. I found Falmouth House to Mackworth on MapMyRun. I just found a cool feature on their page where you can download the GPX file! Convenient. So I loaded that into my Garmin so I didn't get lost on my way to finding the route and while looking at the trail saw that I cache I hadn't found was right there on the trail. Super cool. So as I've done in the past, I set out to incorporate running into geocaching.

    The course took me from the southern edges of Falmouth Foreside over onto the island where I found that the course was not actually a paved road, but a really nice trail that goes around the island. I've not really learned that much about trail running yet, but am excited to get to trying it. Today kind of broke me in. It was very enjoyable. It's amazing that these quiet places are all around in areas that are just a few miles from the bustle. Running on the trail allows you to disconnect that much more. This is sure to become one of my regular runs.

    The cache was approximately half-way through my run and allowed for a nice little breather. The area of the cache's placement is gorgeous. Benches line the trail here and I can understand why. I just stopped for a few minutes to look out at the bay before digging into the cache, which was a standard tupperware container whose placement managed to confuse me, just for a few minutes. Don't get the cache confused with the Letterbox which is fairly close. For more information on letterboxing, see here. Also take a minute to check out the fairy village nearby.

    One of my most enjoyable workouts of recent memory for sure. Check out Mackworth Island yourself and you'll be glad you came. Today's average heart rate during my run was 161 bpm. Maximum heart rate was recorded at 192 bpm. Glitchy much? Anyway, it's another 537 calories down, 35% of which were from fat. Great burn, great views, great run. See you out there.

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