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  1. Week 18

    Sep 28, 2008

    It seems we have a hurricane grazing our coast here in Maine. I've really got no reason to gripe considering what so many have gone through in the U.S. during this hurricane season. However the incessant rain has made it difficult to get outside during the last couple of days. It's had a bit of an impact on my weight. That coupled with draining a six pack of Dogfish Indian Brown the other night. Unfortunately there's not much to report during this weigh in. Thankfully I didn't gain, but I don't really feel like I made any ground either.

    Starting weight - 315 lbs. Last week - 271.4 lbs.
    This week - 270.8 lbs. Progress since previous weigh in - .6 lbs.
    Total weight loss - 44.2 lbs.

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