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  1. When the Rain Breaks

    Oct 28, 2008

    I wasn't sure it was gonna happen for me today. It was raining sideways and the wind was scattering my kids' toys, left on the deck, all over the neighbor's lawn. I had pretty much resigned myself to a cozy afternoon in bed watching season 3 of Entourage. Then I peeked outside. The clouds were parting and the road was beckoning. Sometimes it takes an act of God to get me out on the road. When I see the signs though, I try to acknowledge them. I was supposed to go running today. I was reluctant, but I laced up my shoes and got crackin'.

    It's the same route I did for the World Wide Festival of Races, a route I run often. So often I'm actually getting pretty tired of it. It does in a pinch though. I've charted it on Map My Run for your enjoyment. See it here. I'm actually getting much more fond of trail running. There's so much more to see. Since visiting Mackworth Island I find it hard to run on the road. The only real sights there were to see were the businesses, now closed as it's wayyyyy post-season. "Oh, the sushi place closed. That was quick, but I kind expected it. I liked it that one time I tried it though." These were essentially my thoughts along the route. Like I said, hard to take in the scenery when there is none.
    Today's run was pretty much just for fitness and maintenance, not enjoyment. Now I don't have to feel so bad when I go back to watching my man Ari. Here are the stats.

    5K, 33 mins 49 sec, 10:52 pace, Average heart rate : 166 bpm Maximum heart rate : 178 Percentage of cals burned from fat : 30% Kcals burned : 415

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