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  1. Pursuit of the Groove

    Oct 27, 2008

    In trying to reestablish momentum I've decided to blog all of my workout sessions this week, whether they be in the gym, on the trail, with Nordic poles, or with running shoes. Today it was back into the fitness room. Perhaps 'back in' isn't an apt descriptor. I've been going all along, just not logging it here. Maybe part of my problem with motivation comes from the fact that I've lost the sense of accomplishment I get when I reflect on the efforts of the day and write them here.

    Today was a new start (how many is that now?) and I treated it as such when I entered the gym. I decided to push hard and not give up. That meant serious cardio for long stretches. All in all I ended up spending just over two hours engaging my body today. I've never felt better. I've gotten to a point where raising my heart rate and sustaining it isn't as torturous as it once was. If anything my conditioning has gotten to a point of greater comfort, and sometimes the struggle is to raise my heart rate above 145 BPM. Once I pass that threshold it is also much easier for me to maintain a higher heart rate without taxing myself greatly as before.

    My 1.5 pound loss this past week kinda bummed me out. Although a loss, I still can't help but feel I can do better. I've issued a challenge to myself to beat that this week though I haven't determined yet by how much. Somehow I feel that 'how much' isn't nearly as important as just trying harder. Expect big things this week as I will be expecting the same from myself.

    40 mins. Cross Trainer, Cross Country setting 2, resistance level 9, 120 strides per min.
    Treadmill, 3 miles, incline 0%, intervals ranging from 12:00/M to 9:22/M
    5 reps, Push ups, no ball!
    15 reps, 20 lbs Bicep Curl/Shoulder Press single arm on stability ball
    15 reps, body weight, reverse bridge w/ stability ball (video below from
    45 mins Nordic walking

    Average heart rate : 143 bpm Maximum heart rate : 177
    Percentage of cals burned from fat : 45% Kcals burned : 1213

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