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  1. Kick the Couch!

    Oct 11, 2008

    This is the monumental weekend of the Worldwide Festival of Races. At the time of this post, 1,151 entrants from 41 countries had registered to run this weekend. Have you done your chosen race(s) yet? I picked the Kick the Couch 5K and ran it on a course I plotted a few months ago when I was getting ready for my first 5K. The course is super flat as it's right on the beach. Ideal since I've been giving my calves a break having tired them out at the beginning of this week with that long hike.

    I'm extra proud to announce a PR from this morning's run. I ran like I meant it. It wasn't another practice run. This is a race after all. My previous best was run at the Cardillo Memorial 5K at 33:43. This morning I shaved a minute and a half from that time! 32:09! Thanks to all of the other runners and podcasters who participated in the WWFR for constant encouragement.

    Regarding encouragement, I would like everyone to go check out SteveRunner's blog and podcast Phedippidations. Steve is a great motivator and originator of the Worldwide Half Marathon and now Worldwide Festival of Races. Most recently on Phedippidations, Steve asked for submissions by listeners and other podcasters as shouts of encouragement to listen to while on your run for the WWFR. As a regular Fdip listener this podcast dropped into my aggregator this past week and I decided to hold off on listening to it until my run this morning. The shouts of encouragement and motivational statements by fellow runners, bloggers, and podcasters were so helpful. If you haven't run your event yet this weekend of if you're just curious about Phedippidations, check out that latest episode here.

    I would encourage everyone to participate in the races this weekend. Be part of something bigger. As a runner I'm starting to feel that much touted connection to the community and to humanity. Join us. You'll even get a cool virtual race bib!

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    1. Drusy said...

      Congratulation Jereme on your 5K! Its fantastic that you're now a runner!! Remember how hard it was when you first started running. I can remember being shattered after just a half a mile! And good luck with diet/lifestyle changes!