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    Oct 27, 2008

    Blaine Moore over at Run To Win recently reviewed a movie entitled 'Run For Your Life'. You can read the review heah. It tells the story of Fred Lebow, creator of the NY Marathon. When Blaine first published the article he piqued my curiosity on the film. I intend to see it anyway, but he's again upped the ante.

    Run To Win will be giving away 5 copies of the DVD. You can make yourself eligible by going to any of Run To Win's daily contest pages (I heard about it at this one) today through Wednesday. To be eligible you must simply leave a comment on the daily contest posts. While you're there sign up for the Running Tips Newsletter.

    Really, I would already be saying this about Blaine even if I didn't get an extra entry by doing so (you could too if you link there from your blog). Although we've yet to meet, Blaine and I have competed (chuckle, more like he toasts me and I chuff along) in local races. He's a highly professional and refined runner. His advice is spot on, and if I can't really compete with him at least I can learn from him. Please check out Run To Win for his news, advice, and experiences. Thanks.

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