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  1. Me, the Motivator (?)

    Oct 20, 2008

    I do not think of myself as a motivator. I also find it difficult to swallow that I am especially inspirational. I'm just doing what I need to do in order to get healthier, and it honestly comes down to calories in versus calories out, regulating intake while increasing activity or expenditure. I've not really seen what I'm doing as being that useful to anyone except myself. Until today.

    In the last few weeks my wife has gotten active herself citing me as her inspiration, a flattering statement in and of itself. Well, today I got the chance to lend a hand a little. I was excited to have the chance to help her on a walk/jog on a trail that I've mentioned before previously in Get the Cache and Run! I was enamored with this trail from the first time I stepped foot on it and so I wanted to share.

    It wasn't that long ago I was in the same position, walking/jogging and applying interval training to further my efforts toward aerobic conditioning. After a few weeks of applying this type of training I found that what I was doing was essentially Couch 2 5K without the rigor of the training schedule. My wife wanted to do the same, so today we went to Mackworth Island and did the 4 mile route I had done before. We did intervals of 2 minutes walking followed by 1 minute running. That increased to 2 minutes walking followed by 1 minute 30 seconds running, ending with a couple sets of 2 minute 30 second walks and 2 minute runs.

    I felt like a HUGE dweeb. After every running segment I would tell her, beaming, just how proud I was of her. I knew what it was like. What she was going through was not easy, and I applaud her for taking these steps. As proud as I was of her, I suppose I'm also proud of myself. Starting from the same point she is at now, I'm now able to run a few miles readily, and help her in achieving the same. I never thought I would be in the position to instruct someone on the beginning steps of a healthier lifestyle. A true win-win for both of us. Often this blog is about me and my efforts. Today I would like to turn the spotlight over to my wife, Amanda, who I am EXTREMELY proud of today.

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