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  1. Week 26

    Nov 23, 2008

    Apologies for my lack of updates this week. I really hope you haven't had the same cold that has circulated around my home this past week. The beginning of the week brought awful sinus headaches while the end of the week brought debilitating coughs. Not pretty.

    So the workouts were quite lacking this week leading to a similar lack of progress regarding weight loss. I managed a decent run on Monday, the map for which can be found here. Also got a little hike in around Hedgehog Mountain in Freeport while looking for caches on Thursday.

    With that amount of limited activity, I was kind of expecting a gain. Thankfully that didn't occur and I ended up with a loss of .4 pounds. Not much but at least not a gain. Problem is, that it puts me behind a week on the track to lose 75 pounds total come the first weigh in of 2009. I'll have to redouble my efforts.

    Starting weight : 315 lbs. Last week : 254.6 lbs. This week : 254.2 lbs. Progress since previous weigh in : -.4 lbs. Total weight loss : -60.8 lbs.

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