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  1. Husky Hiker

    Nov 24, 2008

    One of the greatest things about maintaining a blog on my progress is the other people within the community I encounter. In this case, Jim Bradley found me. He's a blogger, cacher, and a dedicated individual in the throes of a battle with his weight. He resides at Husky Hiker.

    Jim's mission in fact seems quite similar to mine. He's adopted geocaching and hiking as a means to shed pounds and become more involved outdoors. His story is different than mine in that as a younger guy he actually enjoyed being on the trails whereas I failed to take advantage of the vast outdoors when I was a kid.

    To date he has lost 24 pounds and is contemplating starting the Couch to 5K program. Every weigh in is recorded and posted to the blog as a journal of his efforts. I think this page is great and I love to see people using blogs and networking to further their physical health. Especially cool is that he offers up the GPX files of his hike outings in an attractive and easy to use package that also gives you driving directions, terrain profiles, and some info on the geocaches in the area. He's also a New Englander so yet another kindred soul to SlimCache.

    Let's wish Jim the best of luck and visit Husky Hiker, and/or follow him on Twitter.

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