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  1. My First FTF

    Nov 28, 2008

    GC1JQQ - Cache on the Neck Cliffs

    This is a bit of a milestone for me. I've never been first to find before, but tonight while out on a drive got notification of a new cache posted in my area. I beat feet for the new cache site. It was tricky finding the trail head and while out and about crossed paths with one of the local power cachers. If you're a cacher you probably know the type I'm talking about. He's out on the FTFs and is the owner of some of the better placed caches in the area.

    He broke off early in the hunt as it was getting dark and it would seem the trail head was as well hidden as the cache itself. The trail head turned out to be a barely visible entryway in between sections of private land. Once I did find the trail it was nothing but reward from there on out. I got to sign a virgin logbook while watching the sun set over Prout's Neck in Scarborough. I love the rocky coastline of Maine, and this small community doesn't disappoint.

    The experience of going for a first to find is something I would recommend to all cachers. You are more likely to encounter other cachers and the thrill of the hunt is something that I hadn't quite counted on but enjoyed very much myself. I would chance to say that I'm hooked.

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    1. Darryl said...

      Congrats on the FTF!