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  1. Trail Monsters

    Nov 11, 2008

    Occasionally on this page I like to draw your attention to sites that encourage an active lifestyle, have something to do with geocaching, or sites that I just find cool in general. I want to mention Trail Monster Running. Recently I've been seeking out running routes on trails more than pavement. I've incorporated geocaching several times while out on a run. It has become a symbiosis of my two favorite active pursuits that I find extremely rewarding.

    It's a good thing I've been leaning more toward trails lately as in the long run might save my soul. As the tagline on Trail Monster's page reads "The road to hell is paved. Run trails.". I would tend to agree. Running on trails is far more rewarding, allows you to tune in to your body without distraction, and is easier on your joints.

    Trail Monster is Maine's only running club devoted strictly to running on trails. It was started by partners Ian and Emma in October 2007 and has since grown to some local fame. Members include Jamie the Maine Runner, an ultramarathoner in training, Blaine Moore of Run To Win whom I've mentioned before on this page, Cumberland's Stephen Wells @ LiveStrong Maine who is a cancer survivor who adopted running as part of his recovery, and others. I first heard about it from my friendly fitness room advisor, Eric. When I first started with trail running he directed me right over to these guys. I'm glad he did. They are a wealth of knowledge and a great local resource. They meet twice a week for group runs. See the site for schedules.

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