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  1. Week 23

    Nov 2, 2008

    Absolutely stellar week! I got a couple of great runs in, a few good walks and caches, and some good gym time. It all added up in just the right proportions for loss this time. Logging more workouts here helped with the feeling of accomplishment, AND I managed to curtail some of the rampant eating that's plagued me in weeks past. Not that my eating has ever lapsed back to what it was before the lifestyle change effort, just heavier eating for where I'm at now.

    I'm extremely pleased with this week's results. Things are seemingly starting to click again after what seems like a long period of drudgery. I again feel like I'm on the upswing. Another 3 pounds down!

    Starting weight : 315 lbs. Last week : 261.4 lbs. This week : 258.2 lbs. Progress since previous weigh in : -3.2 lbs. Total weight loss : -56.8 lbs.

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