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  1. Saco River Walk

    Sep 6, 2008

    GCR0AT - By Rail or by Sea
    GC1B6T5 - Ocean View *DNF*

    It's amazing the different perspective you get on a location when you see it on foot rather than in a vehicle. I've never really thought all that much of Saco and Biddeford. Turns out the area is steeped in history, and the areas I may have previously seen as 'unsavory' are full of charm if you just look at them with the right eyes, graffiti and all.

    I started out this little hike in downtown Saco, exploring the Saco River Walk. I started off at Pepperell Square and explored the area by the dam a little proceeding downriver slightly to the first cache site. There was some light bushwhacking involved as the cache was about 25 feet off the trail and uphill. This was a really cool spot and the steep rocky trail directly adjacent to the river was awesome. I look forward to exploring this trail further. It is under development to run further down river past a boat launch and the water treatment facility. Should be a nice trail when completed.

    After that I made a quick run up to Main St to grab a quick micro but really what I was looking for was a walk in the woods so I attempted a cache across the river in Biddeford. I've driven past this place before on the way to Biddeford Pool, but had no idea just how expansive the trail was back here. The trail had me winding this way and that on the way to the cache location. It was very quiet and peaceful. Just what I was looking for. The cache location really was quite interesting. In Maine, I've seen many a rocky hilltop with smatterings of blueberry bushes, and it's a sight I never actually tire of. Unfortunately I didn't get the find. The hint provided by the cache owner is helpful to some degree, describing rocks encircling a birch tree. Well, there were about 5 birch trees scattered in a large rock pile about 30 feet wide. I was perplexed, and if I wasn't being eaten alive by mosquitoes, I would have taken more time. It certainly was a nice walk though. These trails were great and I am anxious to try this cache again on a less muggy and buggy day.

    I managed to put down 3 2/3 miles yesterday at 3 mph average speed while moving. Average heart rate was pretty low, 115 bpm and the maximum was 171. I'm not really sure how it got that high actually as caching has become a bit more leisurely of an activity for me. I'm just glad it's gotten that much easier for me. It means I'm becoming healthier and more apt to handle more strenuous hikes down the line. 60% of the total 804 cals burned today were from fats.

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