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  1. I've been waiting all summer for this. The time when this small destination town in Maine would finally lose the interest of travelers and I could finally get out on that beach and run. That happened yesterday. It's been a few months since I started out on my mission, and a few months ago I attempted the same thing. Please refer back to GC9DB8 - Norge Troll, posted early June. I can't help but think back to how much that run beat the hell out of me. Now I'm out there running with ease.

    I basically did the same run as I've done down here before. Previously it was on the pavement but since I have a race later this week and I didn't want to beat my feet up, I figured the sand would be more forgiving. Right way to go. I felt great afterward with no pain on my tootsies. I ran a course previously plotted on Grand Avenue in Old Orchard. That street runs parallel to the beach and is only separated by 100 yards, so from my starting point on the beach I could see my previous starting point on the road. The turnaround point likewise. The curve of the beach might have forced me to run a little further than 5k, but the difference was slight, and I think a good practice run for this weekend.

    Time was 37:24:68. Not bad as I consider the sand slowed me down slightly. Average heart rate was 168 bpm and the maximum was 182 bpm. Quite high but still felt manageable. According to my monitor I burned 468 cals along the way, 30% of which were from fat.

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