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  1. Week 15

    Sep 7, 2008

    I haven't prepared myself for this. I was quite sure when I started that I was ready to take the good with the bad and roll with the punches. After having seen 3 straight months of loss I hadn't really readied myself for a gain.

    I've been using The Daily Plate to calculate my needed intake and I've been trying hard to get my calorie counts up. There has been change to my program. I need to assess if that was the correct change to make. It's my understanding that the body needs more calories to burn in order to lose weight, or if too few, the body goes into starvation and will hold onto anything you give it. I was honestly getting better results when I had less calories. So maybe a little research and a new game plan is in order.

    This isn't bound to break me, but it's not exactly the best news.

    Starting weight - 315 lbs.
    Last week - 273.2 lbs.
    This week - 278.2 lbs.
    Progress since previous weigh in - +5 lbs.
    Total weight loss - 36.8 lbs.

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