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  1. GC12NQH - Brooke and Koda's Jumpin Cache
    GCJYT5 - Sylvan Trail/ALK

    These caches were actually done yesterday. I was looking for something that wasn't too far from home but offered a decent hike that was in a place I had never experienced before. I decided to head toward Buxton, and the Saco River.

    I really don't know all that much about the Saco River except that it seems to have a reputation as a drunken yahoo party zone, and due to lack of judgement I decided to head out here on Labor Day. Seems the rumors are true. This place would be beautiful if not for multitudes of discarded cans previously containing macro-brewed swill beer at the bases of mighty trees made ugly by homemade rope swings with DIY 2X4 ladders covered with salty languaged graffiti. That being said the trails really are quite nice. If it's a workout you are looking for these trails are decent for moderate terrain changes that actually left my quads burning slightly today.

    Due to the muggle factor involved with caching on Labor Day in such a location, I was unable to attempt two other caches out here in addition to the two I found. There were so many people hanging out at these cache locations that I just decided to skip these and leave them for another day.

    After Salmon Falls I headed over to Sylvan Trail in Saco. It runs directly along the side of the interstate, so if it's a quiet location you're looking for this probably isn't it. It's mood however is uplifting and relaxing. The trail I started out on from the parking location seemed a little rough. Although not a long trail, there were a few times I wondered if I was still indeed on the trail at all. As I got closer to the cache location, I noticed more lush, green grass along the path along with a few wildflowers. Peaceful, barring the din of the highway. I don't think I would be giving away too much to mention that the final cache location sits alongside a brook that makes for a good location for the hide. It's for these little treasures that I cache. These places are simply a few miles from your home, but you may never have slowed down enough to notice.

    Try it out sometime. You'll be glad you did.

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    1. BoggyWoggy said...

      Yea for you! I found you through a friend on Twitter! I, too, am working toward getting back to "healthy!" Best wishes to you, gellow cacher!