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  1. Week 31

    Dec 29, 2008

    A TRIUMPHant week! Well, almost. Had to figure that my streak of solid losses would cease the week of holiday indulgences. I managed to lose 3.5 pounds the week of Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving doesn't have as much candy as Christmas. I didn't gain though, and although it's a modest loss, I'm less than a pound away from my goal for next week. I'm comfortable in the spot I'm in currently. Setting realistic goals has gotten me so far. After next week's weigh-in I set my sights on April, my birthday, and the 100 pound mark.

    I'd like to thank my wonderful, encouraging wife here for the great Christmas gifts. Truly an enabler (the good kind) she got me some great new Saucony Triumph 4s, a Brooks NightLife vest and pair of gloves, books on running and hiking, a headlamp, an altimeter/barometer from L.L. Bean, and a load of clothes in new slimmer sizes to encourage me on my way toward better health. I feel so lucky this year for my own wellness, but also that I have such encouraging family to help me in the process of my own betterment.

    Starting weight : 315 lbs. Last week : 242 lbs. This week : 240.8 lbs. Since previous weigh in : -1.2 lbs. Total weight loss : -74.2 lbs.

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    1. WebCudgel said...

      Congrats on the loss... and the booty as well. I just bought cold weather running gloves today in preparation for my New Year's Day 5mile and tried them this evening. Worked great and my hands weren't icicles by the end of the run.

      I bet you're like me and you've truly fallen in love with running. It sucks sometimes while doing it, but I look forward to each run and I feel so good about myself afterwards, that the pain of doing it is just temporary. Keep it up, man. I haven't been losing much, but I'm sticking to my runs despite the colder temps so if I get my eating habits back in line, I know I can reach that 100 pound goal too... though I'm quite certain you'll beat me. Race ya to the 100lb line!

    2. WebCudgel said...

      One other thing... I compared these photos to your first ones and you can tell a big difference (no pun intended) and there is a change in your posture. You appear to stand up straighter (whether due the running and exercise and weight-loss or due to the pride of what you have accomplished). Either way, you really are looking so much better. Reminds me that I'm due to post a few update pics too.

    3. Steve T said...

      Hey Slim Cashe!

      Great job, I just fell upon your site and you are doing great! I write a motivational quote that I send out 3x a week to 200 people worldwide and when i find people like yourself that do great things, I always invite them. Also, if you have any great quotes, please share them with our group. The list of people are amazing. 3+ years, over 38,000 emails and still a 95% retention rate and 30-35% read rate. I am very proud of that. join us at the or a sidenote I just started on twitter at

      Very Best,
      Steve T.
      Pure Moxie du Jour