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  1. A Faster Way to 5K

    Dec 1, 2008

    God was I anxious to get back to things. The notable loss from this past week was still fresh in my mind, and I feel as though it breathed new life once again into my ambitions. I didn't know going into the gym however that I would actually harness that vibe to drive on to a new benchmark.

    So what if it wasn't the open road? I did my fastest 5K ever today on the treadmill. Does that still count as a personal best? I managed a 30:39. I ranged in pace from an 8 min 57 sec mile to just about 10 min 22 sec miles. My speed is improving. Fartleks during my practice runs are paying off. I've been doing a lot of tempo runs lately too. I really need to get into a more organized plan to help further this. I'm doing ok on my own, buy my routine lacks discipline.

    Aside from that it was back to the elliptical as usual. I've been using the cardio settings lately and those have really been taking it out of me, in a good way. I was extremely tired but gratified when all was said and done.

    30:39 5K on Treadmill, 0% incline
    40 minutes Cross Trainer, Cardio setting #4, 90 strides per minute

    Average heart rate : 157 bpm Maximum heart rate : 181 Percentage of cals burned from fat : 35% Kcals burned : 845

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