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  1. Cleaning out Cobwebs

    Dec 11, 2008

    I have been woefully lazy. I mentioned earlier that I was a little indulgent at the beginning of this week too. These things along with a lack of free time have amounted to a setback for the week. If I intend to lose weight this week, or break even for that matter, I need to get to it. Today was back into the gym. I can't squander the good progress I've been making lately.

    It's amazing how I've come to be able to feel these less than healthful foods moving through my system. For the last several days I've experienced an absolutely wretched feeling brought on by the greasy foods I consumed earlier this week. I'm only just now starting to feel as though they've finally run their course through my body, and honestly, I haven't felt much like working out until now.

    So today I knew I had to make it count. I decided to run 5 miles on the treadmill, which I accomplished in about 55 minutes even making it up to an 8 minute/mile pace at one point. My conditioning has gotten to a point where a 12 minute/mile pace is much easier to handle. It doesn't seem like too long ago that I was unable to hold that relatively slow pace without wanting to die. Now I can do it and hold only about a 140 bpm heart rate while doing so. Progress for sure. I can't wait to see what I accomplish in the spring.

    5 miles Treadmill, 0% Incline, Successfully achieved a 8 minute/mile pace!
    30 minutes Cross Trainer, Cross Country setting #1, Resistance level 8, 120 strides per minute

    Average heart rate : 150 bpm Maximum heart rate : 176 Percentage of cals burned from fat : 40% Kcals burned : 979

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    1. Ron said...

      Your doing good, keep it up !!!