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  1. Week 29

    Dec 16, 2008

    Kind of an ugly week. I'm sure I could have lost more if I didn't get so indulgent at the beginning of last week. A few more miles on the road or another day in the gym wouldn't have hurt either. Somehow this pattern isn't completely destructive though. I still lost another 1.4 pounds. I'm pretty sure my metabolism doesn't know what to do with itself. As I understand, it's important to keep your body guessing as to what's coming next. I've certainly been doing that. I might go from a very lazy week to a completely ass kicking week. The payoff on those weeks really shows, as in week 28.

    I dunno, just wasn't feelin it this past week I guess. I only got 2 real positive workouts in. I'm off to a better start this week, having done some speed work at the track last night. I'm feeling pretty dumpy about taking today off. I figure though if I can get in 4 solid workouts this week I ought to be ok. I'm in a pretty good place to still hit my goal for the new year. 5 pounds left to go. 3 weeks left to do it. Will I make it?

    Starting weight : 315 lbs. Last week : 246.4 lbs. This week : 245 lbs. Since previous weigh in : -1.4 lbs. Total weight loss : -70 lbs.

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