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  1. Week 28

    Dec 8, 2008

    I'm kicking myself for not getting this posted last night but I was celebrating. I had a few tasty beers to rejoice in my absolutely solid weight loss week. I haven't been this proud in a while. Somehow I lost about 4 and a half pounds this week! Maybe it was all that running I did in. I ran or walked about 24 miles, and now it no longer feel like I'm killing myself while doing it.

    So I "cheated" a little bit with the beer, and the leftover pizza, and the burger for lunch. *Shrug* What is "cheating" anyway? I just call it surviving day to day. If I eat that burger I'm just going to have to run a little harder the next time I go out, but I'm ready for that. Besides, I'm well on my way to my goal. I've got 4 more weigh ins until my 75 pound goal mark. I really want to avoid being too cocky but I think 6.4 pounds in 4 weeks is attainable. Thanks all for your support. With so many people having my back it really does make the effort seem that much easier.

    Starting weight : 315 lbs. Last week : 250.8 lbs. This week : 246.4 lbs. Since previous weigh in : -4.4 lbs. Total weight loss : -68.6 lbs.

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    1. Deb said...

      Hey, Jereme...

      I found you blog via Husky Hiker's site. I think it's great what you're doing. In fact, I'm writing about outdoor adventure goal-setting on Squidoo with a section on geocaching, and I'm including a link to your blog. Not quite done with the whole thing yet, but I'll update on Twitter when I am.