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  1. I guess I'm over my little downer from earlier this week. Some poor decisions over the past weekend and early this week just got me depressed a little, but I'm feeling optimistic. It's amazing the emotional roller coaster an undertaking like this can put you on. Thankfully I've felt more up than down and this week I'm feeling strong for weigh in and getting 'back on the horse' so to speak.

    A really great run yesterday afternoon lifted my spirits. I took off down the beach and ran until I hit a wall. I headed north up Old Orchard Beach and ran until I hit a literal barricade. A pile of stones marks the end of the beach, actually in Scarborough, and the outlet of the Nonesuch River. I then turned around and ran straight back up the beach into a headwind and the crazy glare of the sunset. All in all I ended up doing about 6.4 miles. Running is a fantastic way to clear out the cobwebs inside one's brain. If you're considering taking up running for fitness benefits please also consider not only the physical effect, but the amazing peace of mind it can bring as well. Your mental fitness is important too.

    Having already taken three days off this week I figured it was pretty important to get a workout in today as well. Into the gym again, and while I do regularly find the place excruciatingly dull, today wasn't bad. I took it a little easy. I figure I'll hit up another run tomorrow and set my mind on a race on Sunday. I'm not sure I've mentioned the Jimmy the Greek's Frozen Four Miler. The race is to benefit the Old Orchard Beach Summer Camp Scholarship program and runs right past my home. Figured I would be a fool for not running a race that ran right past my house, so I'm game.

    Details from today's workout are available below thanks to Buckeye Outdoor's embedder. I spent some time on the elliptical today as well as the recumbent bike. I've heard reference to being in 'bike shape'. I figured being a runner would put me in the optimal shape to take on anything but damned if biking still doesn't take it out of me. Great lower intensity cardio workout today though.

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    1. CewTwo said...

      Bicycling is great cross training for running (and vice-versa). Both use slightly different muscle groups that make for a well-balanced lower body.

      Congratulations on a run well done!

    2. Krister said...

      Thank you for the kind words about my podcast. I'm glad you liked it.

      I agree on what you said here about "clearing out cobwebs.." Running is not only good for your body but also very good for clearing your thoughts and sometimes even getting a few bright ideas.