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  1. Brrrrrrrrrr! Absolutely brutal today. As of yet unconfirmed reports say that Maine hit an all time record low of -50 degrees F today. Not here in my neighborhood though. We only saw about -15. I wasn't really sure I would be able to get a run in today but thankfully by the time I got home this evening it had warmed up to about 12 degrees F. I've run when the temp was sitting in the teens before so with a bit of time spent on preparation I wasn't really scared. I was looking forward to getting a few good miles in to share with my new friends.

    While interacting with The Runners Round Table I met cewtwo, a member of What's a Few Miles Among Friends?. He told me a little about their group and then graciously asked me if I would like to participate. A few tweets later and I'm on board. The concept is to post the longest of your weekend runs to the group board. It's a bit of a virtual running club.

    I love the idea. The group seems extremely supportive. The page has been in place since Summer of '07 and is going strong. Many of it's members participated in the recent Walt Disney World Marathon. I think this could really be a place for me to learn and be encouraged by the successes shared by others. I'm on the brink of networking overload but dammit, it's just so much fun to meet new people, especially runners. I'm really starting to feel like I'm part of something special.

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    1. CewTwo said...

      Thanks for the shout out, Jereme!

      I appreciate the connection for the VRR group - It does mean, Virtual Runners Rock!

      See you there and here!

      Charlie (cewtwo)