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  1. Next Stop, Onesville

    Apr 16, 2009

    I'm not very good at accepting complements. Maybe it's still the fat kid in me with low self-esteem. It's also possible that I'm just that humble, although pointing out my humility is not especially self-effacing. Either way, it's hard for me to hear someone say they found my story inspirational. Too often people simply use that as a way of flattering someone. Have I really inspired you? Are you moved to do something about your current situation, no matter what it takes?

    That's why I took it to heart when I received a message today regarding a new blog called Onesville. The author, also going by the same Onesville moniker, had written to inform me that this blog here had inspired him start his own blog, a weight loss journal similar to SlimCache. He launched the project on Sunday with the stated mission that by Easter of next year he intends to weigh 199 pounds or less. He starts at 270 pounds and has set a completely reasonable goal of losing 1.3 pounds per week. I'm so excited for you Onesville. I hope to be cruising into town very soon myself.

    So, an inspiration? Maybe so. It's for sure this guy's not just blowing smoke. I'm very touched that my story has helped another person. My advice is to keep with the blog. Facing up to the online community has an inherent amount of accountability and that alone has often been enough to keep me going. There are some great people out here with a lot of support to lend. Plus you might just inspire another yourself.

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