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  1. Thanks, Guy!

    Mar 14, 2009

    I don't know your name or occupation. I don't know your hair or eye color either thanks to your helmet and sunglasses. I know I was just happy to see you today, guy on recumbent bike who passed me a few times on my six mile run.

    The first time you passed me it was just general pleasantries.
    You : "How's it goin'?"
    Me : "Good, thanks. You?"
    You : "Great."
    And you were right. It was great out today. We couldn't have picked a better day to get out and enjoy our respective healthful outdoor pursuits. It finally feels like spring around here and everyone is taking advantage, us included.

    You must have stopped somewhere along the way because a few minutes later I was surprised to see you pass me again. I didn't have time to gauge a response.
    You : "Wow, you're really flyin'."
    Me : *huff puff grunt inaudible*
    But that comment is probably what powered me through today. It's almost impossible to get someone to even crack a smile out there, let alone interact with you. Here you come with a glowing complement like that for someone like me who, at best, is at the rear end of the middle of the pack. You and your bright yellow jersey just made my day. But it wasn't the last time I would see you.

    It was about 100 meters from the end of my run so I was kicking into strides when you pull up alongside again. How did I keep getting past you?
    You : "Wow. Look at you. You've run a long way today."
    Me : "Yeah, and I think I'm finally petering out."
    It was a front. I petered out about a mile ago. I was just running sprinting at the end because I had to. It just happened to be a convenient time for you too spot me for the fourth time today.

    So thanks complete stranger on funny looking bike. You completely made my day. You couldn't have possibly known that I was having a crummy couple of weeks regarding my fitness but your words of encouragement couldn't have come at a better time. Keep ridin'!

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