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  1. Really happy to have managed to get two workouts in today. I'm back, baby! I hit the elliptical during lunch and did a cross country session on resistance level 12. Felt fantastic. Ended up sorry I had stayed away so long.

    Also managed a run after work. Unfortunately it was quite low in pace, indicating that I've lost some fitness but I guess that was to be expected. Good run with no Achilles pain.

    In addition to grabbing a couple of workouts today, I've projected out a target date and expected weight for that particular date. This was a tactic that worked so well for me in the past I just couldn't ignore it when relaunching this new effort. The target date is the 17th of June, the first day of the Trek Across Maine. I'm counting again on the 2 pound per week method that worked so well for me previously. That puts me at 195 pounds to start the Trek. I've got 11 weeks. Hammer down.

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