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  1. It Starts Again

    Apr 8, 2011

    This week has been a bit of a trial. It's proven hard to get into a lifestyle of sheer lax of attention toward structure or well being and then going back to calorie counting and thinking conscientiously about the things I'm eating. The whole week was kind of a mess until the last few days where I became woefully aware that I wasn't going to be able to post a loss unless I smartened up.

    On the plus side I've logged more workouts this week than I have in what seems like forever. There's a lot to be happy about in that I'm getting the bike road ready and that process is proceeding in a (relatively) pain free fashion. I've also come relatively close to hitting the 2 pounds per week weight loss goal I've set for myself. If I can maintain focus this should all be very doable. More to come on the biking. I plan on beginning my "commute to train" exploits in the next couple of weeks. Stay with me.

    Starting Weight : 218.6 lbs. This Week : 216.8 lbs.
    Change Since Last Week : -1.8 lbs. Body Fat % : 24.2
    Basal Metabolic Rate : 2121 calories BMI : 29.8