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  1. Accountability does wonders for personal accomplishment. Without it, you soften, become doughy, and slip back into the same crap habits that got you into the hurtin' position you were in in the first place. I accomplished a lot with this blog toward my own personal health and unfortunately since ignoring SlimCache, I've experienced a backslide. I've experienced a loss in focus, self-confidence, and motivation and I think that's due in large part to the fact that I have no one to answer to anymore.

    I recognized this while listening to a Tim Ferriss interview by Chris Hardwick on Nerdist. Great show on stand up comedy, nerd culture, and in this instance, life hacks. If you haven't heard it please check it out. Ferriss talks about how essential goals, and lofty ones at that, and accountability are to personal betterment. He himself has set the goal to run an ultra-marathon. He goes on to talk about how individuals who take iPhone pictures of their meals, for accountability sake, are more likely to succeed in their weight-loss goals. I realized this is what I did for a long time with SlimCache, and how this blog for a long time was vital and integral to my success, and I then realized that I needed to get that back.

    Before going forward I should probably explain what's been going on in the year of radio darkness here at SlimCache. I successfully completed two marathons last year. I also grabbed a sub 25 minute 5K PR and finally placed in my age group. At a Thanksgiving Day 4 miler I ran 8 seconds per mile faster than that previous best 5K time. But since Thanksgiving there has been a dark cloud of motivation suck hanging just over me. I've slipped to only working out a couple days a week and I've got a nagging Achilles issue. I've experienced a weight gain. Nothing drastic but coming as far as I have it's disappointing to see any pounds go back on. I'm 12 pounds heavier than my last weigh in post a year ago. No more. Time to get my shit together.

    So I set a goal! I'm going to participate in this year's Trek Across Maine, a 3 day, 180 mile bike ride from Sunday River to Belfast, and I'm incredibly pumped about it. I decided to pass on doing a marathon in the first half of this year and train on the bike. I'm planning on getting in training by driving halfway to work, procuring a parking space in the swank Marginal Way park and ride, and commuting the rest of the way. On weekends I'll go for longer rides. During this process I'll again chart my weight loss and fitness goals and report them here and on other social media venues. Please join me in the effort to once again get me together, cuz I realized I need the help of you the community. I've missed you all. Peace.

    Starting Weight : 218.6 lbs. Body Fat % : 25 Basal Metabolic Rate : 2132 BMI : 30.1

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